What is SimpleToo?

Internet Made Super Easy and Secure

In a nutshell the heading says it all. SimToo can give seldom users of the Internet a bit of confidence and control over what they do when they go online. It is not just about getting on the InterWeb, it is also about having a fully simplify service at your finger tips to help organize your vital activities.

How Would Use It?

Anyone Who Wants to Keep Life Simple

SimpleToo is design mostly for elderly folks who have little use for the Internet, in general, but are very concerned about keeping up to date with their family activities as well as having the ability to keep the important things in their life at the tip of their finger.

How Does It Work?

A 7" Tablet and a Personal Assistant

To use SimpleToo we provide a Software as a Service portal that is online and secure. All you need is a small tablet---we can guide you to suggests options---and a family member or personal assistant whom you fully trust to create your personal links and schedules.

Who Are We?

Proven and Super Easy

Keeping on the cutting edge is always a nice thing in this world of hi-tech and fast paced discovery of new ways to make life work better faster. SimpleToo is on top of these kinds of things yet we prove to make technology advanced for the other-side of growth in this industry.

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